Attention: Digital Entrepreneurs Suffering From Bad Design

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a Funnel Designed

to Hypnotize Even The Most Logical Buyers into Click-Happy Shopaholics

Build trust with your prospects
Stand out from competitors
Appear like a true authority
Increase your sales & conversions

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It’s time to get a landing page design that commands attention, keeps the buyer engaged, and influences what they think or do!

(Let me just shut up and show you the landing pages & funnels I've designed)

Did you notice how a product appears superior just because the landing page was So well designed?

Have a look at these landing page designs here again.

(Let me just shut up and show you the landing pages & funnels I've designed)

People say that content is king.

But what they don’t realize is That Design is content as well. In reality, design is an even more powerful form of content That Gives Your Brand An Edge In the market.

Why? Because design appeals to the emotional mind. And we humans make purchase decisions based on emotions.

So if content is king, then design is GOD!

No doubt great copy can make you a king and give sales. But copy backed by great design can make you an absolute sales God!

Design changes consumer’s perception of a product, service, or person.

And perception is reality.

a seller who can control buyers perception and thus reality becomes nothing less than a Sales God.


Edison Chua

a funnel builder from Malaysia

who designs landing pages that Produce sales and conversions that, just like my designs, are out of this world.

I have worked with international brands like

I have worked with
international brands like


You don’t have enough time. You are a business owner, your day-to-day business operations are of utmost importance, and you have no time for other matters.

You need more PAYING clients. What is the point of having unlimited leads visiting your page without converting them to clients? Only paying clients will pay the bills!!

You don’t have an eye for designs. You have other natural gifts, but web design, unfortunately, is just NOT one of them.

You don’t have an online presence or a website! Did you say that you have an existing Facebook Page? But deep inside, you know Facebook Page doesn’t count.

You have wasted quite a fortune on bad designers who assured you the best design in the world but didn’t deliver as promised. So you ended up wasting more time, effort, and money to fix them.

You know that the current site/page is (for lack of a better word)…. UGLY. To the extent that when friends or clients ask for the link to your site, you tell them YOU DON’T HAVE ONE to avoid embarrassment.

If any of the above is bothering you, then all you have to do is book a free design consultation call with me.

Oh, I almost forgot, let me introduce myself.


(Wait, what, you don’t love me yet?
Wait till I design a landing page that skyrockets your sales to the moon!)


Edison Chua

You probably don’t know me, but I am the guy who has designed high-converting landing pages for some of the biggest brands in the world.

I am a firm believer in design and branding because great design is just so much more than just colors or choosing the right fonts.

Design is about talking without talking with the customers and triggering the “BUY NOW” button in their minds.

There’s no better way to say this, but good design makes me happy.

Because good design brings in a lot of sales and conversions for my clients.

And if they are happy, so am I.


John Doe
John Doe@username
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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Edison is one the best designer so far. He helped me a lot! Its been a pleasure working with him.
Founder Of NutrivationTH
Founder Of NutrivationTH
Edison has built us a few funnels now and they not only look amazing they convert like CRAZY.
Michael Goman
Founder Of DigiKat Marketing
Edison's intuitive design, talent, and artistry along with his complete understanding of how the client needs to connect with, and respond to your brand, is nothing less than GENIUS.
Dylan Moore
Founder Of FiberLift

Enough about me

Let me take a look at your website

Oh, you don’t have one, do you?

Whether you have a website or not, if you want more leads, more sales, and a really awesome landing page, we have to talk!

Hmmm, why are my clients raving about my design skills so much?

Let’s find out what my amazing clients are saying!

Still got questions?

I really like people who ask questions.

This service is for coaches, consultants, and business owners looking to take their brand and business to the next level and appear as an authority so that they can charge more money for their services or products.

Anyone can create a website, but building and designing a conversion-optimized website and looking professional is a different game altogether.

If your business requires leads and sales to function, then the answer is yes, you need to be using funnels, or else your business will lose out to all the others who are using them.

A bold claim – but we know it’s true. More than 200,000 small business owners are already using funnels globally.
Implement it in your business, and see the impact that it brings yourself.

Most definitely.

I have designed and built many funnels for coaches, consultants, and course creators. As long as your target customer uses the internet, funnels will work for you.
Will you be our next coach portfolio and case study?


Whether you’re selling a digital or physical product, you business needs a landing page.
You should be taking advantage of sales funnels to increase your conversion rates, average order value, and build a strong relationship with your customer so they constantly return and purchase new products from your business.

Usually, we decide to build your funnels using Clickfunnels which is considered the “industry standard”. It is the platform trusted by thousands of businesses making over 6, 7, and even 8 figures with it.

In fact, over 140,000 business owners currently use Clickfunnels. However, if you still prefer your page to be built elsewhere. We can also build it in platforms like WordPress, Kartra and more…

Don’t worry 😎

We’ll tweak it till you love it, although all of our clients have never needed to concern themselves about our design quality (you can see for yourself too).
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